The Perfect Green Jumpsuit

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  • By Monica Awe-Etuk
The Perfect Green Jumpsuit

Fashion influencer awedbymoni finds the perfect jumpsuit to kick off the new year!

Hey Style Lovers, happy Monday! Now that I'm back in Atlanta, it's back to work for me. I feel like I really need to pick up the pace because most people started work last week. Like most I plan on accomplishing so much this year, so I'm happy to be back at work.

Today's outfit was shot on the streets of Toronto, Canada. Although it was colder than cold, I love shooting in Toronto because I love how the cold air frames color, creating the perfect backdrop. My green jumpsuit, which I truly think is perfection is from one of my favorite Canadian online boutiques Ziza Boutique, and is clean and extremely chic! The color is truly perfection and hard to find. Because I did not want to take away from the jumpsuit or compete with the richness of the hue, I paired the jumpsuit with nude accessories. My nude shoes and bag do an amazing job of complimenting the overall outfit, completing this simple, yet sophisticated look of the day. I hope you guys get inspired by today's post and click on the links to shop the post. Also, if green is not your color the jumpsuit comes in black, blue, and red!